A+ 100% Natural and Pure Saffron.

Heritage and Legacy!

Ethically sourced pure and authentic saffron direct from Afghan farmers.

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Known as the finest Saffron around the globe, with maintaining its first position on the chart for decades.

100% pure and natural

Afghan Natural saffron takes care of the saffron from the cultivation process till its packaging, as all the cultivation and packaging process takes place in heart, Afghanistan by farmers and women manually. Afghan Natural saffron ensures that there is no additive content added to the saffron

Unique taste

Afghan Saffron is an ancient spice with a unique taste and crimson red colour, which increase demand for Afghan saffron around the globe. Our natural saffron preserves its flavour and colour.

Heavily Aroma

the Afghan natural saffron fulfils your dish with flavour and colour. In addition, it will produce a charming aroma in your kitchen.

We Care about your health

We care about our valuable customers. Afghan Natural Saffron is verified by the Ministry of Health, Afghanistan. Our Saffron is also lab tested, and certified as 100% pure saffron. We work hard to ensure all the products we sell fully represent the Brand.


100% PURE

Why Afghan Natural Saffron?

Afghan Natural Saffron

Afghan Natural Saffron is cultivated in Herat, Afghanistan. every strand is hand-picked and elegantly harvested to preserve its crimson-red colour, vibrant fresh aroma and other natural properties. Every leaf is hand separated, causing no saffron debris in containers additive content is added for its freshness and crimson red colour, as its directly sourced from the original location of the first saffron flower.

Other types of Saffron

Other types of Saffron use chemical fertilizers and pesticides due to this their Saffron threads are light red and have no orange tips - signalling food colouring and dye. The aroma is musty and acrid. As  Afghan Natural Saffron is not using chemical fertilizers and pesticides in their own lands for growing saffron, since the lands are strong and rich of all the indeed materials for the harvest of saffron.in addition, their saffron is debris by containers as the leaf is separated by a machine.

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