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Our Story

Nothing happened overnight, the idea of Afghan natural Saffron started after years of war and the production of opium in Afghanistan, which has ravaged the lives of many Afghan farmers and their families. Saffron is the most valuable product of Afghanistan known as the red gold of Afghanistan. we decided to deliver unmatched quality saffron to the world direct from it is origin to the international market, and connect Afghan farmers with the international market. as each packet is hand-picked and lab tested.

Our Mission

Afghan Natural saffron is specialized in producing unmatched quality pure saffron, 100% natural and fresh. we have two headquarters in India and Afghanistan. our mission is that reach and delivers the taste of 100% pure and fresh Saffron excluded from any chemicals or preservatives all around the world, and represent Afghanistan as the origin of pure Saffron.

Saffron sourced directly from Afghan farmers

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